what to do in Montpellier when it rains?

Even if Montpellier is the sunniest city in France with an average of 300 days of good weather per year, it can still rain from here and it must be admitted, most ofthe people of Montpellier stay at home in these cases.
There are many things to do in the city in the rain!

The cultural visits

Montpellier is a city of culture. Few metropolises of less than half a million inhabitants can boast of having two operas, a dozen theatres and numerous concert halls, not to mention all the city’s museums.
There is bound to be something for everyone, but during the day the easiest way is always to visit the museum.
The two must-see attractions are the Musée Fabre (a very complete general art museum) https://museefabre.montpellier3m.fr/
As well as the MO.CO (Montpellier Contemporain) which opened its doors in the summer of 2019.


What would Montpellier be without its shopping afternoons in the Ancien Courrier street or de l’Aiguillerie street? But when it rains it is not always easy to get there.
Le Polygone is an important shopping mall really close from Place de la Comédie, while Odysseum is a bit of a leisure centre for grown-ups. In addition to its many shops, you will find many activities such as the aquarium, the planetarium, a trampoline room and many others.


So yes, the city is best known for its bars at night but there are still many interesting addresses to spend a pleasant rainy day.
The institution is the Game Taverne ( http://www.gametaverne.fr/) located near Candolle Square.
On the other side of the Patch The Beavers (https://lescastors.fun/) recently opened.
Are you more interested in video games than board games? No worries, go to Meltdown (https://www.meltdown.bar/montpellier) in Antigone is for you!
You prefer a good coffee in a cozy place, the Bonobo is for you! (https://www.facebook.com/bonobomontpellier/) 
And what do you like to do on rainy days?

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