Top 10 to do list in Montpellier

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Today I want to share with you my top 10 about things to do in Montpellier.


10.Montpellier backcountry

Montpellier has got an amazing countryside. Between the mountains, wineries, lakes and mountains, the easiest and funniest way to in to the beach is to ride a bike. 
You will follow the river “Le Lez” between Place de l’Europe to the sea.

During your trip you will see some horses, ducks and of course, the pink flamingo. 

Definitively, Montpellier Freetour recommend to do it!

9.Discover the secret Meric's garden

The fact is that so many people from Montpellier don’t know the existance of this magnificient garden in the city. Historicaly, this place was the propriety of the Bazille family. During the XIX° centuary, Frederic Bazille was a famous painter an one of the first impressionist of the country. He paints most of time in his garden.

The Meric garden gives you a special feeling of freedom at 10 mn from the city center

8.Back to the futur with Antigone's quarter

Montpellier is a city of tradition with a really nice medieval city center. But Montpellier is also a city of innovation with a lot of ambition. Walking into the Antigone’s quarter is the best way to feel it. 

The architecture looks like the antiquity for a modern quarter.

You also can follow the river between Place de l’Europe to the new town hall 

7. Fise, when Montpellier is the extreme sport world capital

The Festival International of Sport Extrem is originaly from Montpellier. This world class event give a mood really incredible to the city during one week. You love extreme sport, shows and parties? You just find your next travel trip 😉 

More information about this event:

6.Go to the Beaux Arts district during the fanfares Festival!

If Paris has got Montmartre, Montpellier has “Beaux Arts” our bohemian district. Many of the city’s artists and creators love and live in this place and the district  goes crazy one weekend a year during the brass band festival. 

If you like party, good vibes, dress up and… fanfares of course, you should not miss this event! 

14 and 15 of June 2019

5. The Peyrou's Garden

Close to the Triomph Arch, you find the most iconic garden of Montpellier. 

Peyrou mean i occitan (local language) a rocky place and it is a reference about the garrigue who is outside of the city.

This garden is the best spot in the city to see the mediteranean sea and our XVIII° centuary aqueduc. 

If you are a sunset lover, this garden is your new best spot!

4. Walk into the Ecusson, our historical city center

Our historical city center’s name is “Ecusson” who means sheild in french. 

This medieval quarter is the heart of the city with their nice littles streets, terraces, french restaurants and bars. 

If you have just few hours to stay in Montpellier, the Ecusson is where you have to go.

3.Eat a special dish of the day in the Saint Roch district

Saint Roch is one of the most popular and authentic districts in the city centre. This is the ideal place if you want to sit on the terrace and eat delicious dishes for a very affordable price, we have never been disappointed by any restaurant in this area and we recommend them all.

2. Visit the oldiest university in the world still in activity

If you have to visit only one monument during your stay in town it must be this one. The medecine university was founded in 1292 and is still in activity. After 1795 it moved to an old monastery close to the cathedrale. A very interesting anatomic museum (from the XVI° centuary) can be visited into the university. This building has change the destiny of Montpellier from a small city to one of the most important one of France.Our freetour is finishing with this beautiful building.


1. To discover all of that and more, do a freetour!

As you can read with this top 10, Montpellier is a wonderful city full of diversity. The local history is writing in the stones but the real richness of Montpellier is human with our way of life so sweet. That’s why discover it with a true local guide is the perfect way to really know what mean “Montpellier is a perfect place to be!” So book your next freetour and follow us in this adventure!

This top 10 is totaly subjective, don’t hesitate to share with us your own top10 on comment!

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