Our team


My name is Philippe, 32 years old and I have been living in Montpellier for almost 15 years.

Like you, I like to travel, discover new places and meet new friends.

During my various trips I like to be close to the local culture and people. 

I think a freetour is always a good way to mix these two elements of a successful trip. 

Apart from that, I love my city. Like the majority of the population of Montpellier, I came here for my studies. That was in 2006. That was a long time ago!

And like most people, I fell in love with Montpellier and never left it outside of my travels.

Now it’s my turn to share this incredible feeling with you and Montpellier Freetour is the best way to do so. 

I hope you will enjoy this visit and in turn, fall under the spell of Montpellier.


Philippe fondateur de Montpellier Freetour