Once upon the time

There is a beginning to all stories and Montpellier Freetour is not an exception. 

My name is Philippe, I am  31  and I come from France. I am the founder of Montpellier Freetour and this one-person business is the reflection of my personality. 

When we are  children, we all have dreams and want to become firefighters or football players or something else. (These are stereotypes? Yes, I agree and I dislike it just like you, but well, that was fun! )

As far as I can remember, my  dream as a child was to work in a concert hall. I was and still be passionate about music. 

After my 18th birthday, I left my region,  Picardie, which is in the north of France, with their fields and cows to discover a new world. Montpellier was definitely like a dream to me! 

I spent 6 amazing years at Paul Valery University ( Art and Lettres) and I was glad to get my second degree there. I was able to realize my child dream. And you know what? One day after my master’s degree, I started working in the best Jazz club in Montpellier: Le Jam (www.lejam.com) That was just perfect, I was now able to stay in this beautiful city with a job that I love! 

After 3 years their, it was the time to discover news horizons. 

One year traveling

I always love to travel. When I was 17, I went in Benin, a small country in Africa. It was for an environmental project. That was the beginning of a long list of short trips around Europe too. 

In 2016, the project became completely different. With Laura, my girlfriend, we had a plan: learning English in Australia!

After 4 months in Melbourne, living and working as  real Aussies, we then moved to New Zealand  and rented a campervan. We spent 2 amazing months on the road before going back to Australia. This time, in Brisbane, on the East Coast. Six months, another campervan and 35,000 kms later, we could say that we really made the Australian loop! 

If you ask me what was my favorite spot, I can’t tell because there are thousands of beautiful places, beaches and amazing spots but Karijini National Park on the Westcoast was one of the best for me. This place is just so special to me.

Anyway, before  coming back home, we spent our last month in Indonesia.

When you are traveling, all your friends or your family ask you ” How is it to come back? Is it not too hard?” 

For me, it was not because I had a project.

During all this year I was thinking how life was good and easy when you are traveling. 

At the same time, I realized I was totally in love with my city Montpellier and I wanted to stay in touch with the travelers. It became really easy for me to understand that I really wanted to share thepassion I had for that city with people from all over the world. 

Montpellier Freetour was born one week after I arrived back in France. It was on September 9th, 2017.

After more than a year, the project is still growing and I am actually writing a new page of that story with this blog. 

The only thing who will never change is the mood, 

By a traveler, for travelers! 

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