French, 30yo

I come from North of France. I have discovered Montpellier like so many people, during my student life. 

After a second degree at the University Paul Valery I found a job and decide to stay here. 

Montpellier is my home now and I live in this beautiful city since 13 years. During all this time I worked in different restaurants (student work), 3 years in a Jazz Club as Public relation and I took time to travel around the world. I went back home in September 2017 with the idea to do something with this wonderful experience. The Montpellier Free tour was born couple of month after that with a sentence in my head all the time "by a traveler, for travelers". 

I hope you will enjoy it.

Country visited: France, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapour, Benin, England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Morocco


Languages: French (mother language), English, Spanish



Born in Argentina, with a courious spirit, Candelaria fell in love with Montpellier after living in the city for 2 years.

After completing her studies in Architecture in her hometown , Argentina, she decides to make a short trip to Asia : and it is there where she realizes she wants to spend the rest of her life travelling. Knowing the culture as well as living, working and interacting with the chosen place was what she found made her the most happy!

Finally she stayed in a small island in Thailand for 2 years where she worked in bars, restaurants, in preeschools and in a Climbing School.

Watching maybe the most beautiful sunsets in the world was amazing, but it was the time of a new adventure : improving her french. While searching for a city in France which wasn’t too big but not too small ; not too expensive and close to the sea, she arrived to Montpellier.

As a consecuence of experiencing many freeTours worldwide, she always dreamed of being a part of the project.

A year after her arrival, Philippe proposes Candelaria to accompany his ideas, which indeed shed id with a huge excitement !

Always travelling, by a traveler for travelers …

Visited countries : France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovaquia, Chek Republic, Hungary, England, Scotland, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Malasia, Singapour, Philippines, United States, Caribean Islands, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay.